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Galipette story

Patrice Gautier, the founder of the Gautier group,
designed his first  children’s bedrooms back in 1960.
The Galipette collection is the result of everything we have learnt over the last 25 years: a range of furniture for babies and small children that is proudly made in France*.
Galipette creates a snug and cosy world that begins
the moment your baby is born!

adaptable furniture for everyone

Designed for babies, but with parents in mind!
Rooted in the latest trends, the company’s in-house
designers have come up with furniture that can be adapted to
suit every need…and your child’s dreams.
The Galipette range has been designed with
two things in mind: the wellbeing of babies and the
convenience of parents. The warm, soft designs have a timeless,
classic look that gives parents a huge range of options.
Galipette also offers adaptable bedroom furniture that expands
as your child grows.

a cosy cocoon for waking and growing

Every Galipette collection has been designed to allow parents to create
a safe, cosy world to welcome their baby. The furniture is practical, modular and adaptable,
to make life safer and easier.  Comfortable and charming, Galipette bedrooms
provide a safe, reassuring environment for your baby.
The perfect place to wake, grow and share those first joyful moments.

Safety furnitures

French manufacturer.
Made in the Vendée region of France (except barriers and bedsteads made in the European Union), Galipette children’s furniture complies with the most
rigourous standards. The Galipette range is all about safety and uncompromising quality.
Galipette furniture is tested in our in-house laboratory at every stage of production to
ensure it meets European standards EN 716 and EN 122221.
But that’s not all: the wood used in producing the furniture
comes from regional, sustainably managed French forests
located within 300 km of Gautier’s factories in the Vendée region.

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